What we aim for

Our main objective is to help children who choose our camps to improve in english in a fun environment. We mainly focus on their spoken English, and by the end of the camp, children should feel more confident and capable in communicating with an English native speaker.

To achieve this, we conduct most of our activities in English.

We organise, with proper support and training, fun and interactive workshops in the morning. The afternoons are filled with many activities, the children can play a wide variety of games, sunbath on the beach, make parchment , or even pretend they are wizards mastering their potions! Each camp is based on a strong and attractive theme, which is our strength and specificity.

The success of a language camp is in part measured by the progression of the children’s level in English. For Telligo, pedagogy is crucial. We trust our approach in teaching, and expect you as a counsellor to embrace it so you can make the most out of it. Our teaching methods have to produce results, not only during the stay abroad, but also when the children return to their country and when they go back to school, in which there is very little focus on speaking

Our method is based on 3 fundamental principles:

  1. Dare to speak!
  2. Our goal is to give the children the opportunity and the desire to speak. We believe that this is essential to ensure their continuous progression in English beyond the camp setting. We want to help them realise their abilities in English by building their confidence in order to help them in class and throughout their lives.

  3. Language workshops
  4. The reason for our success is how we organize our day to day, most notably the workshops. They are interactive, based on different themes chosen by the children themselves, playful, and well-prepared by our devoted camp activity leaders. While the children explore their passion, they forget about the language barrier. The children feel the need to share their thoughts, experiences and feelings when delving into a topic they are passionate about. This is why each camp is based on a strong and attractive topic, which is where you will draw inspiration from for your workshops.

    While the children explore their passion, they forget about the language barrier, and disregard difficulties that would have seemed extraordinary otherwise. At its foundation is the campers' compelling need to share their thoughts, experiences and feelings when delving into a topic they are passionate about.

  5. Practicing English during the activities
  6. Thanks to our English natives, the children are immersed into a fully English speaking environment. Almost all of the activities are conducted in English, whether it’s a workshop, a soccer game or lunch time!

Our strengths are:

  • Workshops:
  • Workshops are essential to our pedagogy. Interactive workshops about various themes that the children have chosen to jump into based on their interests are our speciality. Children will usually partake in 2 workshops each day. Camp activity leaders will have around 8 to 10 children per workshop.

  • Compelling camps:
  • All of our themes – historic, artistic, cultural, scientific, etc. – are topics that get the children excited. From Harry Potter to British Culture to Star Wars, you will help the children embrace their imagination and explore the endless possibilities for adventures, so much so that they will forget that they are learning and speaking english! While the mornings are very focused on learning (as relaxed as we try to make it), the afternoon is dedicated to entertainment. Camp activity leaders will organise a wide range of activities, such as a sport tournament, a treasure hunt, a capture the flag… Camp activity leaders in charge of these activities are free to use all of the equipment at their disposal, and are encouraged to take a leading role during their activity.

  • Safety & Quality:
  • At Telligo, we make sure the children are suitably supervised by increasing the ratio of activity leaders per child. We also ensure the activity leaders have the means they need to lead the best activities possible. Thus, the children feel safe, and the activity leaders supported.

  • Comfortable, organized, law-abiding summer camps:
  • All of our camps are established according to strict criteria and are authorised by the French Ministry of Youth and Sport. We never compromise on the quality of activities, centres and in our recruitment. By working for us, you will become part of a very well organised company in which you will be able to make to develop and blossom.

We very much look forward to having you on our team and having your input during our camps!