About Us

Our Goal is to ensure the children have an educational and interesting trip with optimal safety and quality

Since 1993, Telligo has been a French specialist in themed holiday camps for 4 to 17 years old .

We are an independent company founded in 1993 by Cédric JAVAULT and Olivier MOYNOT, then many other camp activity leaders quickly joined the two founders. It was first a non-profit organisation which offered science camps during the school holidays to youngsters under the name "Altaïr". After a very fast growth, which lead the organisation to become the leader of science camps in France, "Altaïr" became a limited liability company and was rebranded to “Aventure Scientifique”. In 2004, Aventure Scientifique launched new topics along with hard sciences: natural sciences, social sciences, arts, storytelling, etc. Two years later, Aventure Scientifique started offering a range of themed language camps, taking place in both England and Germany, with an emphasis on spoken English or German.

Many other camp coordinators quickly joined the two founders. It was first a non-profit organisation named "Altaïr", which offered science camps during the school holidays to youngsters.

In 2007, Aventure Scientifique eventually became Telligo. Currently, Telligo is the leading company in science camps in France and in Europe. Several hundreds of camp directors and camp activity leaders work with us during school holidays.

For the next 10 years, Telligo expanded it’s catalogue to holiday camps with varied themes : Animals, Video games, Star wars, Harry Potter, linguistic camps, and more !

In 2016, over 16,000 children stayed in our camps. Our over 20 year-long success is based on offering playful workshops and activities with exciting topics to children who yearn to learn more! This is the way we run our language camps as well, every morning we have workshops featuring different topics. We have created camps for children interested in very different themes. We design our camps with great care, abiding by several rules in addition to the compulsory approval from the "Ministry of Youth".

In 2018, Telligo was bought by the not-for-profit organization, UCPA. Although UCPA mainly focuses on sports themed camps, it is now able to diversify and offer themed camps in France and throughout the world.

What sets us apart from other camps in France is our commitment to keep parents informed about what happens during the camp. We do so by updating a private blog daily to share news about the trip and pictures of the day. Telligo is committed to continuously offer high quality camps and never yield an inch on safety or comfort. Our camp activity leaders are the key to our mission being a success. We hope you will be able to contribute to our teamwork and help the kids spend the best possible holidays.